February 16th, 2004

I…I…I’m Speechless…

Over at BBspot.com they’re running a little poll entitled “Most Dangerous to Society?” Here are the results so far:


Atkin’s Diet: 39.71%

Mega-Corporations: 20.67%

People Named Mark: 18.76%

Black Jelly Beans: 9.33%

Janet Jackson’s Breast: 8.76%

Beer: 2.00%

Violent Video Games: 0.76%

I don’t know what to say to this. Apparently I’m more dangerous to society than Janet Jackson’s breast, black jelly beans, and beer combined. Only when you add violent video games to the list do I get surpassed.

I wonder if it matters that I like black jelly beans and violent video games…

UPDATE: Now I’m only more dangerous than black jelly beans and Janet Jackson’s breast. Add anything else in there and it surpasses me.

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