February 16th, 2004


Are you familiar with engrish.com? It’s a site devoted to making fun of poor translations, in this case, Japanese to English. Apparently it is the fashion in Japan to have English phrases on things, just because it looks cool – regardless of the actual meaning. This should not be strange to you, as we do the same thing here in America with Japanese writing. I’ve heard horror stories of people getting Japanese symbols as tattoos, only to find out later that the actual tattooed word was something other than what they thought. It’s a personal goal of mine to have some framed Japanese writing some day. At my last job there was a Japanese woman who told me she would help me out with that any time I wanted, so I just need to make some plans, I guess.

Anyway, back to this site. They have a “phrase of the day” and my friend Josh pointed me to the phrase for February 13. It cracked me up, so I share it with you now:

“Live, and go because it becomes happy.”

Don’t you wish that’s how things really turned out?

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