November 7th, 2008

That’s The Way

Several months ago I found a cookie I really, really liked. I bought a bag of them on a whim and ended up buying a couple more bags a week later to take to a party (and was glad I had some left to take home afterwards). They were Iced Molasses cookies, made by Archway, and I’d found a new Thing I Love.

I went looking for them at the same store a few weeks later. The spot on the shelf was empty. Hmph. I looked at other stores. Nobody had them. I even checked in Wisconsin while I was there – no luck. I figured maybe they were just sold out at the first store and they’d get restocked eventually. I kept checking the original store. They kept not being there.

Then, one day, not too long ago, their spot was gone from the shelf. Some inferior cookie was in their place, and I knew they weren’t coming back.

Sometimes things just happen and you never know why. We never hear about why we lost power for three hours or why that particular road was closed that particular day and there isn’t anything we can do about it. This didn’t end up being one of those times. Sadly, what I found out didn’t help anything.

Archway is going out of business! They declared bankruptcy, and I’ll never get those Iced Molasses cookies again.

And, lest you think, “Oh, I never had those, so this doesn’t affect me,” I think there’s something you should know: they also made those Frosted Circus Animals cookies.

Feel free to weep with me.

5 Comments on “That’s The Way”

  1. The Bon says:

    I've never been a fan of archway cookies, but it's still sad to see them go out of business.

  2. daniel says:

    I know these cookies of which you speak. They were quite good.

  3. scott long says:

    Loved them all my life. Even though they stuck together a lot (the ones without icing, that is) You are the bearer of sad news…

  4. Smoothie King says:

    That's really too bad! I wish they could stay open and the stupid iced sugar cookies that Wal-mart sells would go away forever. Those were good only for the first 2 bite ever, about 5 years ago…they've been nasty and over used since. (Jason steps down from cookie box)

  5. the obscure says:

    I thought once we elected Obama we'd never have to worry about cookies again.

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