May 23rd, 2008

Just In Case

Perhaps you’ve been saying to yourself, “Hey, I wonder what sort of crazy/cool links Mup stumbles across while he’s surfing?” but didn’t know what to do about it.

Today is your lucky day, my friend! Clicking this link right here will take you to my Google Reader Shared Items. To keep up with those things even more, you can add that page’s RSS feed to your favorite RSS reader and be notified when there’s new content.

Now, I’m not so much telling you about that because I think I come up with awesome links – in fact, I suspect nine out of ten of you won’t be interested in most of them at all. It’s really my way of showing you another cool Google feature. I use it to keep track of friends’ links and I use Google Reader to keep up with them, along with the 40 or so blogs I follow. That way I don’t necessarily have to check every blog every day, especially if they’re notoriously bad at updating. I just get notified when they actually do update.

On top of that, I use iGoogle as my homepage to keep my most used and needed info in one handy place – email, RSS feeds, Google Calendar, a countdown clock, upcoming movie releases, all that. Very handy, and I highly recommend it.

Sure, I’m putting a lot of my eggs in Google’s basket, but I’ve found that it has been really helpful to me. Perhaps some of it will be helpful to you as well.

3 Comments on “Just In Case”

  1. Bishma says:

    I've now subscribed to your shared item feed in my google reader. Which was what I was looking at when I saw this post. It's the google mobius strip.

  2. Dana says:

    Is this a paid advertisment for Goggle?

  3. The Big Guy says:

    I have enjoyed iGoogle.


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