June 14th, 2007

English Quiz

Years ago and over a long stretch of time, a couple of my friends and I mulled the vagaries of the English language. From those ponderings sprang a list of nearly 200 “choose the right word” sentences suitable for any aspiring teachers to use. I share twenty of them with you now.

Directions: choose the correct word to complete the meaning of each sentence. (It sometimes helps to say them out loud.)

  1. The attitude of the class was (discussed, disgust).
  2. The pastry manufacturer finally got its business off the ground after several (false starts, false tarts).
  3. While at the restaurant, Superman had trouble getting his (capon, cape on).
  4. It is very easy to view the fish in this (manner, manor).
  5. The (stares, stairs) we received from the carpenters were not pleasing.
  6. The new thumb (tacks, tax) will hurt the average American.
  7. The wayward minstrel absconded with the (loot, lute).
  8. In the school play about the four food groups, my brother played a silent (roll, role).
  9. His favorite class was (band, banned).
  10. This is our (nuclear; new, clear) bomb.
  11. Though the contract negotiations were going well, his personal life was in shambles, and he couldn’t wait to reach a (happy medium, happy medium).
  12. While on his virtual reality vacation, the poll-taker took leave of his (census, senses).
  13. I should call the Guinness people and tell them about my brother’s incredible (feat, feet).
  14. There in (abasement, a basement) the mighty “king of the hill” mourned his downfall.
  15. On this airline, each vulture is allowed one (carry-on, carrion) bag.
  16. Madeline was hungry and disillusioned, and what she really needed at that moment was a (hero, hero).
  17. She soon came to regret her (birth, berth) on the train.
  18. While traveling abroad, the shoe salesman discovered that his (Polish, polish) wasn’t quite up to par.
  19. “I will now go (fast, fast),” stated the speedy ascetic.
  20. I would like to make the salad dressing, but I don’t have the (time, thyme).

How’d you do?

15 Comments on “English Quiz”

  1. M. Kate says:

    That was quite smart!

    I tried to think of some similar sentence in response, but I fear I've lost the (talent, talent).

    By the way 5 food groups (6 if you count oils)!

  2. Meags says:

    Is this a typo?

    No 16: Madeline was hungry and disillusioned, and what she really needed at that moment was a (hero, hero).

  3. MadMup says:

    MK: Nice! Also, there were only 4 food groups back in the day when we created the list…

    Meags: A "hero" is another word for "sub" (as in sandwich). That's only in particular parts of the US, though. Canadians are exempt from knowing that!

  4. M. Kate says:

    I tried to think of some similar sentence in response and looked into perhaps paying someone to write it, but I fear I've lost my(talent,talent).

    Is that better? I'm trying really hard to be smart, but I'm not very good at (writing, righting).

  5. Marshall says:

    oh man! that was pure Punishment ;-)

  6. wendles says:

    Funny you should mention this. I came across a word last night (in my devotions no less)which intrigued me and made me start thinking about how weird the english language is.
    Let's see if anyone can figure it out.
    One spelling
    Two pronunciations
    Three letters
    Four distinct meanings

    Any ideas?

  7. Anonymous says:

    very good list, I think I'll steal it! Any chance you will post the rest of the 200 sire?

  8. MadMup says:

    The rest of the list is… well, they're of varying degrees of quality, let us say :) And who are you, anyway? Anonymous posts make me nervous!

    Wendy, I'm stumped on your riddle – more clues? An answer, perhaps?

  9. Brent says:

    The blind linguist always had trouble when he traveled to Mexico because he couldn't (see, si)

    Wow, this IS fun.

  10. brent says:

    wendles: bow

    1. front of a ship
    2. to bend at the waist
    3. a ribbon tied in a knot
    4. to bend as in a piece of wood
    5. what you do to a violin, and what you do it with


  11. wendles says:

    That was quick.
    Very good sir, you are correct!
    Funny little word, isn't it?

  12. G-Knee says:

    I totally remember this in college, and whenever we would be in the same room and say a sentance that would work like that we'd both go, "the List!" Ha….thanks for the memories! :)

  13. Coach C says:

    Isn't the kind of "hero" that you eat, spelled "giro"?

  14. Marshall says:

    If I was Enrique Iglesias I'd open up a Greek sandwich shop.

    I'd call it;
    "Let Me Be Your Gyro"

  15. Coach C says:

    that was funny

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