June 22nd, 2007

Apropos Of Nothing

This week’s been a busy one at work for me. I had to upgrade the servers, which is always tricky business. People were warned that they needed to back up their stuff just in case, as it’s never a sure bet, even with a good backup. Three of my four servers are done now and it looks like nothing was lost. I had to copy a few things over manually after the fact, but it all seemed to work out fine. It’s funny, though, how a little thing like taking the servers offline for a week can make a person a lot less invisible. I instantly become the biggest jerk in the world because I have to do my job. Never mind that I warned people ahead of time, I must be mean and spiteful because I have to upgrade the servers. Argh.

I have a touchlamp by the side of my bed that has three levels of brightness. Nutmeg has learned she can turn it on by touching it with her nose. Now, if I don’t get out of bed soon enough for her liking, she’ll nose the touchlamp through a few cycles. It’s funny and annoying and cute all at the same time.

I’m doing a lot of traveling this summer! Illinois last weekend, Kentucky this weekend, Wisconsin soon… it’s crazy! But it’s with enjoyable people, so it’s all good. This weekend Jason, Jeannie, Melissa, and I are going to visit Josh and Gretchen. Should be a fun time!

The latest game I reviewed was Forza Motorsport 2 (EDIT: link to review), which allows people to decorate/paint their in-game cars however they want to. I am amazed by some of the designs people have come up with, as it took me twenty minutes to put my name and a penguin on a car. I can’t imagine how many hours it took them to create a likeness of Harlequin from Batman: The Animated Series. Crazy!

If you’re not looking at my Flickr and YouTube accounts regularly, then I’m afraid you’re missing out on at least half of the total MadMup experience. Add in my Twitter page and that’s fully three-fourths. Flickr’s great as a photo organizer, but I tend to use it as a random picture collector. I can send pictures to it from my cell phone, and I often do. YouTube gets my random videos, and Twitter is all the little mundane “what I’m doing” updates a person can handle.

Speaking of cell phones, I got a new one recently, a Samsung Blackjack. I’ve been a Nokia Guy for years now, and I’m fiercely brand-loyal, as many of you know. They didn’t have the Nokia I wanted, so I thought I’d try the Blackjack. It’s a SmartPhone, so it’s all Windows-y, and it’s got a full-QWERTY keypad on it, which helps with the grillion text messages I send a month. (Seriously, it’s like I’m a 14-year-old Japanese girl, with all the texting I do.) I’m really impressed with the phone and I’m happy I got it. It’s slim and light, and it does pretty much what I want it to do. Now if only I knew XML and could design my own start page for it…

Anyone need a futon? I’m thinking it’s time I sold mine. I’d let it go for a pretty good price.

I’m sure there are other significant bits of info people are dying to hear about, but none are springing to mind currently… You know how it is – you get old, you start forgetting things…

Enjoy the rest of your week, eh?

8 Comments on “Apropos Of Nothing”

  1. G-Knee says:

    I can think of something significant.

  2. The Rock Star says:

    HEY!! Abby Wright was looking for a FUTON!!! :) Can you let you know! :) She does not do the blogging thing…


  3. Anonymous says:

    It's good to get a view into your significant bits!

  4. Anonymous says:

    jerk jerk jerk ;-)

  5. M. Kate says:

    "14 year old Japanese girl," says he.

  6. Tina says:

    Hey, Mark! Tina (Hawk) Powers here. I had wandered by your blog a few months ago but never said hi. I was just blog hopping and came across you again. I thought I had better say hello this time. Glad to see you are doing well! I'm sure I will check in again soon!

  7. ZiggyTQuirk says:

    Wait, you're NOT a 14 year old Japanese girl??


  8. Anonymous says:

    wait are you sure this isn't a 14 year old Japanese girl? It might be, it could be, it probably is!

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