April 22nd, 2007

Apropos Of Nothing

At long last I’ve found an egg salad sandwich in town. This has been an ongoing search for several years now, so finally finding it is the realization of a dream. For a while, Aunt Orva’s Deli fit the bill, but they went out of business rather suddenly. Truth be told, Aunt Orva’s egg salad was good, but it still wasn’t perfect. Today’s find, though, was exactly how I like my egg salad – no extra junk (onions, celery, relish, etc.), and smooth and creamy. The winner: Shellie’s Cafe. I’m sure I’ll be having many an egg salad sandwich there. Kat was even impressed, and she’ll be veering from her normal Reuben to get an egg salad next time, too.

The game Gyruss was released on Xbox Live Arcade this week, and after playing the demo for about two minutes, I bought and downloaded the full version. I’m not so good at shooters, but Gyruss is a game I used to play in the gas station a block from church when I was a kid. Though the games changed every so often, this is one I remember, along with Tutankham. I doubt they’ll ever release Tutankham on XBLA, but Gyruss is bringing back some pleasant memories.

I haven’t been sleeping well lately. I’ve had some things weighing heavily on my mind and I think that’s had an effect on me. A positive side effect is that I’ve gotten up earlier most days, been on time to work, and even treadmilled a bit here and there, so that’s good. The bad thing is that I haven’t felt rested all week, and I’ve had headaches. It all balances out, right?

I’ve been watching this new sitcom that’s all about pregnancy and babies and stuff. I’m not sure why. It’s humorous, but not hilarious. I sometimes think it might be nice to have a kid, though those thoughts are usually immediately followed by the “I’d make a lousy parent” thoughts, so, again: balance.

Oh, I sorta mentioned it up a paragraph or so ago, but I’ve started treadmilling a bit. I’m a long way off from being regular with it or anything, but it’s a start.

I went to The Cheesecake Factory for the first time last week. It was for Jeannie’s birthday and the food was good. Oddly enough, I didn’t actually have any cheesecake while there. Seems wrong some how. Of course, it also seems wrong that the restaurant didn’t actually look like any sort of factory. I wanted to see robots putting cheesecakes together.

I went to a fancy art showing with Kat on Thursday. It was at Westwood, which is where the president of Purdue lives. There were a few neat things about this particular art show. For one, Kat had a piece in it, and it was for sale… and it sold! To the Jischke’s daughter, even! For another, the president and his wife were there, and we ended up talking to Patty for quite some time. She’s a delightful person. For another thing, there were random fancy-dressed people wandering around handing out fancy finger foods. It was just like the movies, only I wasn’t wearing a tux. Also, I’m no good at hobnobbing. There are some pictures from the event on my Flickr page.

The last day of school is May 30. It’s funny to see how antsy the kids get, but the teachers also change around this time, too. I don’t hear as many reports of problems around this time, and I don’t think it’s because there are fewer problems. I’m pretty sure it’s because teachers don’t want to bother with it and just want to get through the end of the year.

My living room’s all crazy right now. I moved the futon downstairs to make room for the treadmill in my computer room, so now the couch and the futon are facing each other. It’s not ideal, but I want to get rid of the futon, so this is only temporary until it’s gone.

I’ve been thinking about buying a handheld vacuum cleaner – do people still call them “Dustbusters”? – and also maybe a house. I wish I could get them both at Target.

The cats are fine and they both say hi. Hope you’re doing well.

4 Comments on “Apropos Of Nothing”

  1. Smoothie King says:

    That's grest! Yes, I think "Dust-Buster" has become a generic term (for a hand-held vacuum) like Kleenex (facial tissues), Q-tip ( for gross-ear-cleaner-outer-things), etc. And yes, I have one…it does happen to be an actual Dust Buster and I love it…SO good to have. Talk to you soon!

  2. Brian Arnold says:

    We have a Dust Buster, which is a brand name of Black & Decker, apparently. I'm not sure that Dust Buster has slipped into the realm of genericized trademarks though, since they're not as common these days. Nonetheless, they're very handy! It's nice to be able to get a bunch of crumbs and stuff up, or if I'm going to be cleaning the bathroom floor, I don't have to pull the big vacuum in for all of about six square feet of tile to vacuum pre-mop.

  3. Josh says:

    The gas station where you played Gyruss is a Citgo, right? I can totally picture it.

    Did you go to the Cheesecake Factory at Keystone?

  4. Beth G says:

    AUNT ORVA'S CLOSED!!!!! That's awful… and now I desperately want an egg salad sandwich…

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