October 4th, 2005


It was sometime after lunch today that I realized I was wearing two different-colored socks.

It’s time to go back to wearing Garanimals, I guess.

5 Comments on “Mismatched”

  1. Brandyoldfashion says:

    I'll buy you some for Christmas.

  2. the obscure says:

    The rule is: If you are over 30, socks don't have to match. Tell everybody you got them at Shed.

  3. Brian Arnold says:

    Oops, hehe, wrong user.

  4. Beefyness Hate! says:

    The trick is to just own like 50 identical socks.

  5. HP says:

    Random Beefy hate. Poor Beefy.
    I have about 7 odd socks that I wear with each other. Just because half the pair is off cavorting around and probably getting in with a bad crowd is no reason to consign the well behaved sock to the back of the drawer. Also, it means they make new friends every time I wear them. Seriously, socks probably get bored with the same old partner all the time.

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