October 4th, 2005

If I Go Crazy Then Will You Still Call Me Superman?

Actor Nicolas Cage and his wife had a son recently and they named him “Kal-el Coppola Cage.”

From CNN.com:

LOS ANGELES, California (AP) — Oscar-winning actor Nicolas Cage is a new

His wife, Alice Kim Cage, gave birth Monday to a boy, Kal-el Coppola Cage, in New York City, said Cage’s Los Angeles-based publicist, Annett Wolf. No other details were available.

“They are healthy and happy and it’s quite lovely,” Wolf said by phone from New York. Cage is a nephew of filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola.

The couple married in July 2004. It was the third marriage for Cage and the first for his new wife, who was 20 when they were wed. They met when Cage visited a Los Angeles restaurant where she was working as a waitress.

Cage, 41, who won an Oscar for his role in “Leaving Las Vegas,” has a son from a previous relationship.

His screen credits also include “Lord of War,” now in theaters, “Adaptation,” “Honeymoon in Vegas” and “Moonstruck.”

He was previously married to Lisa Marie Presley and actress Patricia Arquette.

So there’s this whole article about this kid and they neglect to mention that “Kal-El” is Superman’s Kryptonian name?!?

A little comic book history for you:

Right before the planet of Krypton exploded, Jor-El packed up his son Kal-El in a rocketship and sent him to Earth. Kal-El was discovered by Jonathan and Martha Kent in a cornfield in Smallville, Kansas. They proceeded to adopt the boy and named him “Clark.” Clark grew up to discover that he had all kinds of powers (the ability to fly, super-speed, heat vision, x-ray vision, etc.), decided to use his powers for good, and became Superman. Kal-El is Clark Kent is Superman.

So now, Nicolas Cage (who has gone on record many times about how much of a Superman fan he is) names his newborn son “Kal-El,” and all the Associated Press can talk about are his movies and his previous marriages?!? I mean, come on! At least mention it in passing! I’m not asking for an in-depth discussion on this poor kid’s future (let’s face it, he won’t want to go by his middle name, either – Coppola?!? No thanks!), I would just like you to mention that he shares his name with a guy from Krypton who, oh yeah, just happens to be Superman.

I wanted to turn this into a whole “Celebrities name their kids weird names” thing and mention “Apple” (Gwyneth Paltrow) and “Tallulah Belle” (Bruce Willis/Demi Moore), but I’m so incensed about the poor reporting that wouldn’t mention Superman even slightly that I just can’t focus.


4 Comments on “If I Go Crazy Then Will You Still Call Me Superman?”

  1. the obscure says:

    He will go by Kal. End of story.

    My next child will be named Malahallershazbaz. What do you care?

  2. hp says:

    Chudney is a scary one, as is Heavenly Hirani Tiger Lily.
    Names that is, I don't know squat about Superman other than everyone in his town is very easily fooled by a suit and glasses.

  3. Brian Arnold says:

    Since it won't let me post an image tag, use this link.


  4. Meags says:

    Tallulah isn't that weird of a name, it was the name of a famous actress.

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