April 2nd, 2005

Time to Change

With my love for Indiana’s policy of not observing Daylight Savings Time widely available for all to read, I think it’s funny that the one weekend I choose to come to Wisconsin happens to be the weekend that the clocks get set ahead on hour.

Also, when I return to Wisconsin, I’m struck with the fact that although I am a Wisconsinite by birth, I think I’ve transmogrified into a Midwesterner. The change is subtle, and I’m not sure how to explain it to non-Midwesterners or non-Wisconsinites, but there’s a little bit of a change. Midwesterners wouldn’t mind living in any of the Midwest states (Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, or Wisconsin. Some folks might include Illionois in that mix, but that’s the one bit of Wisconsinism I’ve retained, I guess.) People up here have an accent I was never aware of before. Indiana folk no longer do. People are warmer at colder temperatures up here, too, and that’s something I’ve certainly lost.

It’s good to see the old stomping grounds and some familiar faces, but it’ll be good to get back to Indiana, where all my clocks are set correctly already.

4 Comments on “Time to Change”

  1. Starf says:

    The way you are describing Wisconsin is alot sounding like Colorado. We don't have an accent here, but other people from other regions say we do, only because their ears are so tuned to their own. We too are warm in colder temps, and we are… kinda midwesternish.

  2. The Obscure says:

    1) What will you do when Indiana DOES go onto DST (probably July this year)?

    2) Ohio is definately Midwest (omitted from your list).

    3) Wisconsin is to the Midwest as Snake-handlers and Foot-washers are to Protestentism. As Homer Price would say, "ever so much more so".

  3. Pixel says:

    When I actually tune into my speech, I realize that I do have a pretty weird, Florida accent. Whenever I go abroad, people can never place where I'm from. Native Floridians talk pretty weird.

  4. HP says:

    Did you stomp on the old grounds, or just sit about and think back to a time when you stomped?

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