April 6th, 2005


Apparently when my brother says “badgerbadgerbadger” to my nephew Daniel (2.5 years old), he responds with “Mushroom!”

Somehow this is my fault.

I think it’s fantastic.

EDIT: This old webcam seems appropriate:


8 Comments on “…nephewnephewnephew…”

  1. Sycro says:

    does your brother often walk around saying "badger badger badger" ?

  2. Kim says:

    I must teach my nephew this trick!

    Ive already taught him to yell "Look what I can do!" and then spaz out.

  3. hp says:

    hehe, this is exactly what Uncles are for.

    Kim, that's brilliant. If my brother ever breeds i'll be sure to remember that one.

  4. Starf says:

    bd bd
    bd bd
    bd bd
    A Braz! Oh a Braz! Braz, a Braz.. Oooh it's a Braz!
    It's a…
    bd bd…

  5. Meags says:

    You guys have made my morning brighter

  6. The Obscure says:

    Nephew's apparently are fragile things. Two of mine (age 6 and 4) are hopeless sociopaths headed for federal prison. Another (age 5) loves to take off his pants and shirt and drape a towel ove his head and walk around the house stroking his "hair" (actually the towel). My fourth nephew (the hair-wearers sibling)keeps to himself and doesn't say much. I guess I've got the only normal kids around.

  7. Pixel says:

    I've three nephews. (19, 10, and 6)

    The oldest has been in prison, does drugs, has stolen a car, and will most likely get his 15 year old girlfriend pregnant. We'll skip him.

    The 10 year old is AWESOME. He lets me dress him like a girl and put on fashion shows, and I taught him how to Salsa.

    The youngest I never see (he lives in New York). He's a spoiled little brat, but I taught him how to do the Cockroack and the Crab Scuttle.

    YAY for teaching nephews cool stuff!

  8. bellapecora says:

    I taught my niece (2.5) how to laugh like a maniacal evil genius (which you'd think my sister would thank me for) and one time we built a block temple and put the lego lion on top and I taught her how to bow down in worship to it. I am an excellent aunt.

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