December 30th, 2004

Strange Day

My day started off strange and got stranger as it wore on.

First, my bread-making worked! I awoke to the smell of freshly-baked bread. Next time I shall choose the “light” crust rather than “medium,” as medium was a bit too tough. Spread enough apple butter on it, though, and you hardly notice it. Weird, though, since I actually made bread successfully.

The rest of the day wasn’t really all that strange, I guess, until I went to the mall. Specifically, I went to Hot Topic. You may or may not remember my previous experience with Hot Topic, but today I actually bought something from there. The quite-pierced staff was very friendly, though the atmosphere could be best described as “ominous.” Since Hot Topic is the only place I know to buy a Sonic the Hedgehog T-shirt, though, I braved it. I feared the credit card reader would somehow know I wasn’t “goth” or “hip” or “young” and would reject my payment, but it all went very smoothly and I was able to get my (too expensive) Sonic the Hedgehog shirt. I was also quite surprised that there wasn’t a mandatory piercing or tattoo with every purchase, but I was somewhat grateful. I need a pierced eyebrow like I need….well, another hole in my head.

After that, there was really only one thing to do: go to Barnes & Noble, get a hot chocolate, and read “Ultimate Spider-Man Vol. 1: Power and Responsibility” for about two hours.

Then I came home and watched Ella Enchanted.

It all balances out.

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