October 22nd, 2004

Tour of Terror

Tonight I went on a walking tour of some famous (and not-so-famous) crime scenes in Lafayette. Why? I felt like it.

Okay, not really. This weekend and next weekend, the Civic Theater is hosting the “Tour of Terror,” and one of my friends from improv is a tour guide. It would be more correct to say that a couple of my friends from improv are tour guides, but this particular friend is doing this for the first time and wanted some practice. So a few of us followed him around for about two hours and listened to stories about:

  • a big, big fire
  • a stabbing
  • street shootings
  • (attempts at) mob justice
  • two separate beheadings

Not bad for a night’s work, eh? The stories actually range from through Lafayette’s history, from 1836 up to 1983. Kinda creepy, kinda spooky, and very interesting.

The coolest thing, though, was that about halfway through the tour, we saw a grey and white cat sitting in front of a house. That in itself is not so interesting, but the fact that two stops and several blocks later, we noticed the cat was following us from about a half a block away is a bit more interesting. It would sneak under cars and around trees to avoid detection, but it was very clearly following us. If only it had been a black cat, it would have been so much cooler!

I’m going on the tour again next weekend, but it’s sure to be much scarier, since it’s at midnight. If they can swing a black cat this time, I’ll be very impressed.

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