October 18th, 2004

First One

I just had my first nosebleed of the season.

Didn’t know there was a nosebleed season, did you? It’s not as much fun as football season or as pretty as the fall season, but it’s a season nonetheless. For me anyway.

I’ve always been prone to nosebleeds (except when prone! ha HA!), but winter is worse for them generally. I’ve been told it’s the dry air. If so, my getting one today makes no sense, as it’s raining like the dickens today.

I hate getting nosebleeds for the simple reason that they are messy. Yuck. I hate messes.

After I get one, I generally feel weak for a while, and it’s best if I can sit down. Headaches are another aftereffect usually. Whee.

No, I will not be adding a nosebleed counter to the site.

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