May 21st, 2004

More Taste Issues

I ate at McDonald’s for supper tonight and got my second favorite thing: Chicken McNuggets. I always get both Barbecue Sauce and Hot Mustard Sauce. I’ll dip the first McNugget in the barbecue, and the next one goes into the mustard. On the very last of a 10-piece, though, I’ll dip into the barbecue rather than mustard, which would be next in the rotation.

It’s because I prefer the barbecue sauce.

Why then, you might ask, do I even get the mustard?

Well, I like the mustard. And on the occasions I’ve tried to eat the McNuggets without the mustard, it just wasn’t right. I guess I’ve gotten used to the taste pattern or something.

So there’s something you didn’t know about me before, most likely.

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