May 20th, 2004

Lime vs. Apple

I was all geared up for a Lime Lifesaver today. The nurse at my school has a jar full of Pepp-O-Mints and Lifesavers, and I spied a green one. Immediately the ol’ tongue got happy. “Lime! Lime! huzzah!”

So I dug it out and popped it in and was immediately disappointed.

Sour apple. Blech.

Don’t get me wrong, sour apple is fine in some instances. It most certainly is NOT fine when your tongue is expecting a refreshing lime blast.

Skittles did this to me a while back. They changed the green ones to sour apple from lime. I eat skittles by the handful. I’ve come to expect a certain taste from all those colors mixed together. Sour apple threw the whole balance off and made me angry.

Oh, well. To fix today’s situation I ate a brownie. That put good tastes back in.

“Refreshing lime blast.” I should be doing commercials…

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