April 25th, 2007


I’m not what you’d call a “clothes horse.” I dress for comfort. I feel best in jeans and T-shirts. I realize this does not make a person “hot” or “desirable,” but I’m okay with that. I prefer the comfort, thank you very much.

Circumstances conspired against me, however, and I needed to get a suit. I have a couple of suits (proof), but they no longer fit me because they have shrunk. *cough* So tonight, with the help of my friend Lee, I went suit shopping.

For those unaware, I offer this bit of knowledge: suits are expensive. I had no idea. Lee tried to prepare me for it, but I was sure he was talking “really expensive” suits. Nope. He was talking about your basic good quality suit.

Men’s Wearhouse happened to have this 2-for-1 deal, so really, I shouldn’t complain. It was strange for me, though, to walk out of there with nothing to show for my payment except a receipt. They’re tailoring the suits for me, so I need to go back and get them.

So now I need your help picking out a tie. I spent enough on the suits that I didn’t feel I could spend any extra on a tie right now. Maybe later. We’ll see how this goes. So here is a picture of the best of my bad lot of ties:

Hopefully you can see the colors well enough. I don’t have a picture of the suits, but for now imagine a charcoal gray as you’re making your choice.

I thank you in advance for your help, as this sort of thing is way beyond my sphere of comfort.

Thanks for your help, Lee.


EDIT: Someone hated all my tie choices so much that they PayPaled me some money and said “Get yourself a new tie.” That, my friends, tells you volumes about my taste in clothes – it engenders such strong feelings in others that they have to help fix it.

(Thanks, anonymous donator. I’ll try not to let you down!)