May 14th, 2012

Shake & Fold

Recently I talked about my handwashing process. This is a process I’ve been working on for years, but I’m always open to suggestion.  Well, in the comments on that entry, Brian linked to a TED talk on the subject that has me reevaluating again.

Here’s the video.

Shake and fold. Simple, right? I figured I might as well give it a try. The first few times didn’t go so well, frankly. The tricky part is getting the right amount of paper towel. The dispenser at work is a roll-your-own, so it has taken me a few tries, but I think I’m getting it.  It does work, it’s just taking some getting used to. I like using less than half the paper toweling I used to.

The worst part? The shaking. I’m trying to figure out how to shake the excess water off my hands without flinging it all over.  I’ve been working on more of a “flinging” method, and I’ve had some success.

Give it a try, see how you like it.

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