April 23rd, 2012

Favorite Movie Quote #4

Harold: If you knew you were gonna die, possibly soon, what would you do?

Dave: That’s easy. I’d go to Space Camp.

Harold: Space Camp?

Dave: Yeah, it’s in Alabama. It’s where kids go to learn how to become astronauts. I’ve always wanted to go since I was nine.

Harold: Aren’t you too old to go to Space Camp?

Dave: You’re never too old to go to space camp, dude.

(edited out non-essential in-between lines – you can see the original scene here, but be warned that the clip continues after that and does spoil some parts of the movie.)

If you know me well enough, you’ve been expecting this quote for some time.  It’s from Stranger Than Fiction, which is not only my favorite Will Ferrell movie but also one of my favorite movies – Top 20, for sure.

I love the joy in this line, the hope. “As long as you’re alive, you can chase your dreams,” it says. I love the look on Dave’s face when he says it, like he can’t figure out why a person would think anyone would ever be too old to go to Space Camp.

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