October 16th, 2011


Even though I played football in high school, I’m not a huge football nut.  Until, of course, I start watching a game. For some reason, if I start watching an NFL game, I’m instantly caught up in it, cheering and the whole deal. I don’t really understand that about me, but I guess it’s mostly okay.

Here’s the order of teams/people I root for. If someone lower on the list is playing someone higher, I root for the higher one:

1. The Dallas Cowboys
2. The Indianapolis Colts
3. Drew Brees
4. The Green Bay Packers

After that it gets hazy, but then the end of the list looks like this:

30. The Philadelphia Eagles
31. The Washington Redskins
32. The New England Patriots

So there you have it. Keep your comments nice – my mom reads my blog.

5 Comments on “Football”

  1. Dave says:

    I’m like you. It can be Washington vs Philly (whom I hated until they got McNabb left and Michael Vick came in [don’t judge me]) and I’ll cheer when either one scores.

    Of course, if it’s the Pack, there is only one acceptable outcome. Which reminds me. Nice color scheme.

  2. Brian says:

    It’s now tempting to rig this theme to show the right one to Mark but show everyone else a Redskins-based theme.

    Not that I’d ever do that, of course… :D

  3. Dave says:


  4. Dave says:

    Or Madmup. Whichever.

  5. wahooty says:

    Brian is a man after my heart. Dave – Vick?!? SERIOUSLY?!? The ‘Skins fan/UVA alum/dog person that I am…you are dead to me. Even though I don’t know you.

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