May 6th, 2010


Song Info (from Beatlesongs):”Birthday” is on the White Album, and was 70% written by McCartney, 30% by Lennon.  Some sources say it was written for Patti Harrison, but Lennon said it “was written in the studio. Just made up on the spot.”  Harrison wore a glove during the session to avoid getting more blisters.  Lennon did not care for the song.

My BirthdayCourtesy of PBF Comics, which aren’t necessarily always something I’d recommend.

I discovered last year that my birthday is a good time to reflect on some of the stuff I did in the previous year.  Here’s the list for my 38th year.

  • Voluntarily went on a canoe trip
  • Rode two different horses on two separate occasions, one of them for about a half hour
  • Played in a softball league (and without serious injury!)
  • Replaced a kitchen light fixture (with Marshall’s help, but mostly by myself)
  • Rode a bike for the first time in who knows how long
  • Went to Cedar Point
  • Made a homemade pizza
  • Learned a couple of “signature dishes,” both made in the crockpot, both have teriyaki (albeit two different versions)
  • Got a new roommate after the first one moved out
  • Went to my first ever ballet – The Nutcracker – and enjoyed it
  • Started taking Tae Kwon Do lessons – I am currently an orange belt
  • Got engaged!
  • Started eating salads – my favorite one is Texas Roadhouse’s house salad with Caesar dressing and no onions
  • Stretched out Beatles Week longer than ever.  Someday Beatles Week will last all year.
  • Revamped the blog (with Brian‘s help)
  • Only posted 26 blog entries, one every fortnight. That, to quote Charles Barkley, is just “turrible.”
  • Went to see the Star Trek exhibit in Detroit
  • Saw The Beatles in concert!  …okay, so it was a tribute group, but it was still tons of fun
  • Saw Steve Martin in concert in Chicago — a banjo concert!
  • Hosted International Beatles Rock Band Day, with friends coming from Australia, Florida, New Mexico, Illinois, and around town here coming to play Beatles Rock Band and hang out all day.  Super sweet!
  • Was in Greg & Emily’s wedding
  • Played a lot of euchre, but not nearly enough
  • Watched more movies with other than people than I watched alone – this is a bigger thing than it sounds like
  • Played Jesus for the second time in our church’s Passion Play
  • Started going to a different ABF (like Sunday School, but for grown-ups), which has me missing friends from our previous one :/
  • Started to learn how to dance… but only a little.  Long way to go before the wedding…

All in all a good year.  I have much to be thankful for.

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