October 30th, 2008

It’s About That Time

Beatles Week is fast approaching – just about a month away!

While this might not mean much to you, to me it means a kickstart, a way to get me writing again – not a shakabuku or anything, just a jumping-off point.

I will probably write before the first week of December, but that’s when Beatles Week starts. And, hey, as always, feel free to join in on Beatles Week on your blog!

4 Comments on “It’s About That Time”

  1. Jeremiah says:

    wow, didn't know they had a Beatles week!

    I just might give them their rightful due on my blog, but will have to think about how to go about it!

    Glad to see you are back! Miss reading about the thoughts running through your mind!

  2. Jeremiah says:


    I just noticed your profile pic of Honkus from our band Nutmeg!!! Sweet Action!

    Is there anyway I can get my game character on my blog?? Very nice job!

  3. Jeremiah says:

    But I need to get my Nutmeg tatoo back on first though! lol!

  4. daniel says:

    Beatles coming to Rock Band next year in their own game. I'm excited. I bet you are too.

    If I had a blog I'd join in on Beatles Week, but until the website gets redesigned (looking like mid-December) I'm going to have to pass.

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