September 26th, 2008


There’s no easy way to say this, and I’m sure it’s going to disappoint a lot of people, but there’s really no other way to say this other than to just say it.

I’ve started drinking soda again.

It’s been about 6.5 years since I drank soda regularly. In those 6.5 years, I have had a sip or two now and again, mostly to try some new concoction like Vanilla Coke or Wild Berry Pepsi, but I quit drinking soda as a general rule.

My folks visited me a few weeks ago and I picked up some Sprecher’s Root Beer for my dad. When they left, he didn’t take it with him, and Sprecher’s Root Beer is the second-best root beer I’ve ever had, and… well, that’s pretty much what happened. From there, I decided to re-try some other root beers at Culver’s, McDonald’s, at A&W… I may not pronounce “root” correctly, but I do love me some root beer.

Since then I’ve also had some other sodas here and there and I’ve come to remember why I stopped drinking them in the first place: they don’t sit well. I never feel better after drinking a soda, and I often feel worse. And, aside from the Sprecher’s, none of them are so good-tasting as to be worth the trouble.

So, yeah, the pendulum has swung pretty far back the other way here, but I anticipate it heading back toward the middle some time soon. I’m not going to be a militant non-soda drinker, but neither am I going to start drinking it on a regular basis, I don’t think.

It was a pretty good run, 6.5 years. It wasn’t like it helped me all that much, though. I filled the void (my stomach) with plenty of other stuff that was way worse, I’m sure. And, as I’m constantly reminded by pretty much everybody, since I don’t eat veggies or fruits I’m probably headed to an early grave already, so why hurry the process along?

So that’s it. Probably not earth-shattering to anyone, but I thought I’d let you know. And for those of you who are bothered by such things (approximately 51% of you), feel free to read “pop” instead of “soda” throughout this entry, and those readers in the South can just read “Coke.”

9 Comments on “Confession”

  1. Sizzledowski says:

    This made me cry, not because you started drinking pop, but because I didn't cringe at the word soda. In fact, I didn't even think twice about it until you mentioned "pop" at the end. What have I become???!

  2. Meags says:

    "Pop" forever!

  3. HzlntLatte says:

    As I none soda drinker myself, I was horrified to read you started drinking soda – again. However, since you said this will be done in moderation, I can breathe a sigh of relief. I'm like you, I feel horrible after drinking soda…and I never understood why it was so loved.

    And sizzle…I also used to cringe at the word "soda." The I moved to VA and EVERYTHING changed. I remember forcing the word soda to come out of my mouth, but after a year, I broke myself of the midwestern reference to soda ;)

  4. HzlntLatte says:

    oh yeah…I wrote this with a 5.5 month on my lap. After I set him down I re-read what I wrote and I see there are letters missing or words, but I know you're smart enough to figure it all out. Lesson learned: don't type with a baby on your lap!

  5. markus says:

    say it ain't so, Mark…

  6. daniel says:

    You had me worried for a moment there. I initially thought you started taking meth again.

  7. the obscure says:

    "I've seen the soda and the damage done . . ."

  8. ZiggyTQuirk says:

    It's actually called "soft drink". If you were wondering. You were.

  9. Smoothie King says:

    Welcome back to the dark-side!!!! No, jk! You'll be fine. Unless your a Phenylketonurics or whatever.

    I just found this post btw…guess I've just scrolled past it up until now.

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