April 20th, 2008

Things I’ve Learned

Africa Edition!

  • There are palm trees and coconuts in Africa.

Now, that might seem like a silly thing to you, but it was a revelation to me. It wasn’t that I had decided on my own that there were no coconuts in Africa, it was more along the lines that I had not considered it and, when confronted with the idea, came to the idea that there were no palm trees in Africa.

I guess it’s because I associate palm trees with tropical climes, and I, like so many others, think of Africa as being mostly desert. The biggest hole in that way of thinking is that “Africa” isn’t like “Indiana” or “Texas” or even “The United States.” Africa’s a whole continent, second only to Asia in area, so it’s crazy to not think that there’d be, you know, more than one climate represented.

I learned this new-to-me information from a girl (she’s younger than me, so she’s girl) who grew up in Africa, but is currently a part of our class at church. She’s been a font of knowledge on the subject of Africa, and usually delivers it with a “How in the world do you not know this?” look that does a good job of reminding me that there’s a lot I don’t know, and some of the stuff I do know, I don’t actually know correctly.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, lions aren’t a common backyard nuisance in Africa like stray dogs are here. So that’s two things I’ve learned.

3 Comments on “Things I’ve Learned”

  1. Greg says:

    I, too am surprised that you didn't know that. I mean where could the African swallows get their coconuts, if not from Africa.

    Were you suggesting that coconuts migrate?

  2. kim says:

    i dont think its weird you didnt know that. most people do just think: africa = hot + sand + dirt. and picture trees with tiny leaves and cheetahs sitting under them. i totally see where youre coming from.

  3. Sizzledowski says:

    You're not the sharpest tool in the shed.


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