October 10th, 2007

White & Nerdy

A friend of mine and his wife visited a couple of weeks ago and we planned to meet up for breakfast on Saturday. While they’d been in town before, they’d never been to my current apartment. We started talking on Friday night about directions, when he mentioned that he had his GPS with him.

“Neither Google Maps nor Microsoft Streets & Trips has my whole street, I’m afraid,” I told him.

“Hey… why don’t you give me your longitude and latitude and I’ll find it that way,” he came up with.

The prospect amused both of us so much that it quickly became the only option we would consider. I went outside and fired up my laptop in my car (my USB GPS won’t work without a clear shot at the satellite), found my coordinates, and gave them to him.

The next morning, right on time, they showed up on my doorstep. Another victory for technology!

Now if I only I could find a Segway somewhere to try out…

8 Comments on “White & Nerdy”

  1. Lisa says:

    awww geography at work in the public. It warms my little geographer's heart. =)

  2. Marshall says:

    Also, Google Earth will give you Latitude and Longitude coordinates.

  3. M. Kate says:

    Well at least you live states away so you can't regularly compound each other's "special-ness."

  4. Bishma says:

    But now "they" know where you are. Mark my words, you'll never be rid of them now. Avon, boy scouts, high school bands, and, of course, Hari Krishnas.

  5. steven says:

    I got to ride a Segway once. I'm not going to lie. It was terrifying.

  6. bd says:

    You can rent Segways quite literally all over Chicago.

  7. ZiggyTQuirk says:

    m. kate wins the comments.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I think I'd like your friend. He sounds not only intelligent and resourceful, but also charming, witty, and transcendently handsome.

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