September 18th, 2007


I’ll be the first to tell you that I don’t understand what makes a person want a particular food at a particular time. It stands to reason that if you’re thirsty, your body’s telling you it needs water, and it also figures that if you want chocolate-covered pickles, your body’s telling you you’re pregnant. Aside from that, I don’t understand it at all.

What I do understand is that there are certain foods I want frequently. I don’t want all of them all the time, nor do I want the same thing several days in a row. In fact, I’ve ruined many a good thing to eat by having it too frequently, a lesson I hope I’ve learned and won’t have to repeat.

Here’s a list of my current favorite things to eat. Keep in mind that if I go to the restaurant I’ve mentioned, I will get what I have listed next to it 99% of the time.

  • B-Dub’s – Boneless wings with Honey BBQ (probably the spiciest thing I eat) and buffalo chips with ranch dressing
  • Cracker Barrel – Chicken & Dumplings with mashed potatoes
  • Culver’s – Burger & fries
  • Julie’s Ranchhouse – Coconut cream pie, ham & beans (this is a local place, so you’ll have to come here to try it out)
  • McDonald’s – Filet O’ Fish, Arctic Orange milkshake (I don’t allow myself to get the FoF very often, and the orange milkshake is a special that they very rarely have available)
  • Monical’s Pizza– Thin-crust cheese pizza (with French-like dressing for dipping, oddly enough)
  • O’Charley’s – Loaded Baked Potato Soup (with rolls, of course! Also: for reference)
  • Olive Garden – Fettucine Alfredo (only I get the farfalle pasta instead, as it holds the sauce better and is easier to eat)
  • Panda Express – Orange Chicken (also spicier than I would normally like)
  • Roly Poly – #39: Turkey Applejack, minus the onion, mushrooms, and basil mayo
  • Texas Roadhouse – Sirloin steak (6 or 8 oz., depending on the day)

Yes, I realize that you can read that list and instantly recognize why I’m in the shape I’m in. I’ve made it somewhat better by leaving off all the snack-like things I crave. If I’d put those on here, too, you might have had a heart attack just from reading the list. I’ve also left off any homemade items, as it’s just not fair to you to talk about the cinnamon rolls Melissa makes if you’re not going to have the opportunity to try them.

9 Comments on “Cravings”

  1. the obscure says:

    How do you say no to basil Mayo?

    Also, you might try a Ribeye sometime.

    Roly Poly, huh? At least they don't try to sugar coat it. Figuratively, I mean.

  2. M. Kate says:

    It is the awful truth.

  3. Derek says:

    I could live on nothing buy Panda Express Orange Chicken and be very happy about it.

  4. Meags says:

    So do you actually crave these things or did you just want to list your favorite restaurants and your favorite dishes at said restaurants?? :P

    I crave weird stuff like root beer Popsicles and peach juice.

  5. Brian Arnold says:

    Cutting onion, mushrooms, and any form of mayo just seems wrong, really.

    Surprisingly, I think my list would be a lot shorter, but it'd still contain B-Dubs, even though there isn't one locally, because seriously, I just crave boneless buffalo and they do it better than anyone else.

  6. TheBon says:

    Is it just basil mayo, or all mayo that you've got an aversion to? I can't handle mayo at all. Except when it is very dill pickle-infused tartar sauce. Then, I could eat a gallon.

  7. The Big Guy says:

    Panda, Olive Garden, and BW-3 I am with you. However, Cracker Barrel requires me to get the Sunshine Sampler. I sub my fried apples for extra hashbrown cassarole and give the extra hashbrowns to Bev.

    I love Texas Roadhouse.

  8. Lorelei says:

    You had to know this was coming…. I'm tagging your blog with the "8 Random Things About Me" meme.

    You can see the rules & why I picked you on my blog:


  9. Marshall says:

    I rarely go to any of those restaurants, in the past year I've only been to 4 of the places you've listed.

    But right now I've got a hankering for some Mad Mushroom, the Big 10 Combo :-)

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