August 29th, 2007

Guitar Hero Encore Review

There’s an awful lot of Nutmeg-bashing going on in the comments of the last post, so I felt some sort of redirection was needed.

To that end, here’s my review of Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s.

5 Comments on “Guitar Hero Encore Review”

  1. The Rock Star says:

    I have only played Guitar Hero once, but this is the version I played. I LOVED IT! Though, I am a big fan of 80's R O C K (in the USA). So… Yeah… I jammed out to Cherry Pie and Free Bird among others… GOOD TIMES!! :)

  2. M. Kate says:

    The "nut-meg" wasn't being bashed. Those that have "experienced" her were just speaking of her truthfully. I'd like to like her, but when she still trys remove a finger after lying on a person for the better part of an hour while pretending she likes you…well, makes you think shes just reeling you in for the kill.

  3. ZiggyTQuirk says:

    @Rockstar, Cherry Pie is my fave song on GH.

    I'm sure Nutmeg is lovely in her own demented way.

  4. The Big Guy says:

    Enjoyed the review. Very factual. As a journalism major I was impressed by the writing. Only one writing error was noticed. I'd give the review an 8.9 on a 10 scale.

    If my nutmeg bash was harsh please forgive. I love your other kitty just not this one. ;-)

  5. Gretchen says:

    Tell your cat I'm sorry I missed her birthday.

    And I'm with Coach C on the gaming talk. I hear "Mwah mwah mwah mwah mwah mwah. . . " and oddly enough, people comment back "yes, yes, Mup, that's what I said — my dog ate my homework" (or whatever they say, demonstrating that they get your language).

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