July 18th, 2007

Cue The Music…

There’s really no way to explain this to those unfamiliar with the “Manly Awards,” so I’ll just let the picture speak for itself.

7 Comments on “Cue The Music…”

  1. M. Kate says:

    I think 15 dollars might be a little dicey for "the tank."

  2. The Big Guy says:

    "the tank" is a fat joke isn't it? My dad use to call me that.

    Mkate, is $15 high or low.

    I must admit it wasn't my best picture. But I am humbled by my friends for this AWARD.

  3. G-Knee says:


  4. The Rock Star says:

    Yay!! You got them!! :) Abby is a genius! I just helped with the spray paint… I think they are super though!

  5. steven says:

    I just laughed so hard that I farted and then had to pretend I was moving my desk to cover for myself.

  6. M. Kate says:

    I know I'd need more than 15 dollars for draggin' you in. You have stealth-like hiding skills… if I remember correctly from that game I hate.

    I agree that was a great idea from Abby. I'm sure many laughs will result.

  7. tmaple1584 says:

    May I request a picture of the different army men for the Manly Awards (Gold, Silver, and Bronze). I just wondered what exactly you guys are contending for.

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