March 22nd, 2007

Love-Hate Relationship

I’m at Best Buy two, three times a week. It’s got stuff I like to look at and stuff I like to buy. I enjoy buying stuff there and they seem to enjoy me buying stuff.

So why is it, pray tell, that any time I have to return something it’s the worst experience a person can have and makes me never want to set foot in the place again?

7 Comments on “Love-Hate Relationship”

  1. bd says:

    Why do you think they sell you stuff? They don't want it. They certainly don't want it back.

  2. Meags says:

    Best Buy has one of the worst customer service set ups I've ever seen. Doing anything but simply picking up an item and checking out is a pain in the arse there. I have only had one good experience with an employee there, but my mom was buying a $150 item and he conned her into the service plan.

  3. Wahooty says:

    Because you thrive on abusive relationships. Just look at your cat. ;)

  4. M. Kate says:

    They know you're a junkie…

    There's no rehab, so there's no need for pleasantries. You'll be back for your next fix and they know this.

  5. daniel says:

    Are you going to explain the situation or should we assume you were attempting to get your money back on some white-wall tires?

    And yeah, what bd said.

  6. Abe. says:

    Yeah Mup, what were you attempting to return? Soup :-P

  7. Coach C says:

    I had to return a $500 car stereo, because it quit working three weeks after I purchased it. I also purchased the $60 Grandady-of-them-all warranties. It took 6 weeks and three trips to Madison in order to get it fixed/replaced. I the preceding year, I had spent almost $2000 in their store. They also gave me trouble about a cell phone and plan. . . Have not been back (to buy anything) since. In fact, I recently bought a digital video camera. I looked at BB and then went across the street and bought the exact same model at Circuit City.
    I don't usually hold grudges like this. . .

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