January 10th, 2007

It’s Been Said

We live and die by the choices we make.

-David Lingle

A boss I use to have used to say this to me all the time – usually after I’d made a less-than-good decision. Sure, it’s a variation on “you’ve made your bed, now lie in it,” but for some reason, this one sticks in my head and I think about it at least once a week.

2 Comments on “It’s Been Said”

  1. wew says:

    So true, David Lingle. I used to not have much to say about David Lingle, but I saw Dave and his wife, Mrs Lingle (because she was a former teacher of JMW) at the airport not too long ago, and their compassion for Kelley and her loss was overwhelming to the point where I was forced to rethink my thoughts, and I am grateful for that opportunity. Thanks, Mark; I looked at them all!

  2. the obscure says:

    Dave L's heart for people may be one of the best kept secrets at that school. I, too, got to know him much better after school, and grew to respect and appreciate him immensely.

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