November 30th, 2006

That’s Me In The Corner

I never expected it to happen to me. I’m not sure how it did. I’m frustrated and I feel helpless.

I can’t login to my Yahoo! account. It won’t recognize my password and the password recall function isn’t working for me. On some computers I had it set to “Remember Me” and can still do some things, like make my picks for the football league I’m in see that I have 5 emails. But when it asks me to verify my password so I can check my email, it says it’s incorrect.

I’ve gone through the proper channels with tech support but have heard nothing from them. I hate, hate, hate being up against something faceless – I can’t talk to an actual person to get anything resolved, and don’t know what I can do from here.

I only use my Yahoo! email for a few things, but I do use it. More importantly, though, my Flickr account is tied into my Yahoo account and if I can’t log in to Yahoo, I can’t log in to Flickr.

I guess the loss isn’t too big, in the grand scheme of things. It’s the effect it’s having on my psyche that’s harder to take. I’m losing my faith in technology. It’s always been there for me, you know? It does what it’s told, and when it fails it’s usually pretty easy to figure out why. But this… well, it makes no sense. I have different passwords on my different accounts and I use them every day, so I know which one goes with what and I know which password went with this one. So since this happened with Yahoo!, is it going to happen with my other stuff? I didn’t lose much with this one, but I’ve got plenty to lose with some of the others and no easy way to back it up. In fact, having it online was the way to back some of it up.

I’m actually on edge, feeling nervous. I don’t like it and I still feel powerless to do anything about it.

5 Comments on “That’s Me In The Corner”

  1. A person says:

    Mark, it looks to me like all of is down. Could it just be that?

    In any case, when it comes back up, I can check my OWN yahoo mail & in there I have a link to hard-to-find numbers. I will look for yahoo's.

  2. Theo B. Scure says:

    *crackle* Hello, Wilson, is that you? *static*

  3. Abe. says:

    This happened to me with my XM online account :(

  4. Beth G says:

    The same thing happened to my yahoo account last December! I had to get an entirely new email — I never did hear from them. I lost contact with a lot of people, actually. I'm sorry you have to deal with it!

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