June 5th, 2006

Eh, Canada

There will be more later, but I am stuck overnight in the Cleveland airport and have little time left on my connection here, so I’ll just say this for right now:

  1. I had a FABULOUS time in Canada.
  2. I was (and am still) sad to leave.
  3. Canadians (in general) are a polite and pleasant bunch.

And now, personal messages to all the fantastic folk in Canada!

  1. Mike & Meags – Thank you SO much for letting me share in your special day. It was an honor and I’d do it again (you know, if one or more governments require it).
  2. Diana (Meags’ Mom) – I think she might have adopted me if I would have asked – she seems like the sort to help those in need. WARNING: Do not be fooled into betting against her in a pool game, especially if she uses the “I haven’t played in 20 years” line. It’s a complete hustle! (Note to my mom: there was no actual betting.)
  3. Jose (Mike’s Dad) – You are too generous, sir! Thanks for paying for anything we tried to. I plan to come to Texas and hang out with you just for fun sometime.
  4. Val (Mike’s Mom) – It’s easy to see where Mike got his niceness from. And don’t worry, I shan’t reveal here to the world who you were trying to set me up with ;)
  5. Wes (Fellow groomsman, friend of Mike) – You and Heidi are really neat people and I intend to hang out with you when I visit Texas, too. A piece of advice: if a bridesmaid hauls you to the dancefloor, STAY THERE. I’m just concerned for your safety, is all!
  6. Mandy (Maid of Honor, Meags’ Friend) – Glad to finally meet you! You were a bundle of happiness the whole time – even when I beat you at pool. LET THE RECORD SHOW: I beat Mandy at pool.
  7. Jamie (Mike’s Sister) – LET THE RECORD SHOW: She beat me at pool. She also has a great Texan accent that she turns on and off at will and gives on-the-spot linedancing instructions should you need them. Go Jamie!
  8. Alyssa (Meags’ Friend) – The one person who might have smiled more than Mandy. Another friendly sort! Apparently Canada has a monopoly on them.
  9. Holly (Meags’ Friend) – The word “individual” was created specifically for you. Keep marching to your own beat.
  10. Diana (Hertz Girl) – You were very nice to a strange harried American and all weekend I used you as an example of how nice Canadians were.
  11. Jennifer (Woman on Plane) – You were nice right off the bat and I had you pegged for being Canadian right off, too. Sure enough! You Canadians. You can’t even pretend to not be nice!

So. Today’s lesson is: Canadians are nice.

Weekend details later!

5 Comments on “Eh, Canada”

  1. HorizonPurple says:

    Unlike yourself, I am content to know, quietly to myself, that I was in fact correct about you having a good time in Canada. I don't have any urge to let everyone know THAT HP WAS RIGHT and I certainly don't need to burst into song about it.

    HP was right,
    HP was right,
    Every body knows it,
    HP was right.

    Ok, just the once then.

  2. Dan says:

    I have just noticed something very strange. In your entry I see:

    "Alyssa (Meags' Friend) – The one person who more than Mandy."

    When I highlight and copy-paste those words, however, I see the full sentence.

    Peculiar, no?

  3. the obscure says:

    I thought that mini-font stuff was purposeful.

    Although it would have been weird stuff to secret.

  4. Dan says:

    Aha, I see it correctly now. Italics!

  5. MadMup says:

    There was some kind of weird deal with the italics/timy tags, so I removed them.

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