April 13th, 2006

The Outfit Review

My latest videogame review can be read here, if you’re inclined to read that sort of thing.

I was tempted to put all sorts of clothes jokes in it, but ended up with just the “Tailor-made or off-the-rack” one as the teaser.

My favorite lines in this review are “Blowing up stuff and killing Nazis is its own reward, after all” and “It’s the Circle of Life, The Outfit-style.”


I really do plan to blog again some day. Like, actual blogs. Really. I will finish my School Memories series before the year is out, and I might eventually tell you about my new watch and the email I got from a semi-famous person.

So, hang in there. We’ll get back to what passes for normal around here eventually.

2 Comments on “The Outfit Review”

  1. the obscure says:

    I thought the intermittance was normal. Also, I never would have gotten all the clothes puns anyway.

  2. Lisa says:

    I want to hear about the semi-famous email. I plan to just sit here and wait until it appears.

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