December 7th, 2005


Please keep my friend Meags in your thoughts and prayers. Her father passed away earlier this week and I know she could use your support.

4 Comments on “Request”

  1. Kilty says:

    Aw man. That sucks, especially so close to the wedding.

  2. JClark says:

    Oh my… I'm sorry, I don't always keep up on things, was this a sudden happening?

    Not that it really matters, tragedy is tragedy.

  3. HorizonPurple says:

    If you speak to/message her, please send my love.

  4. Meags says:

    Hey, thanks for your support. Big hugs to Mup.

    And no, it wasn't sudden. Now I see that people don't read my posts on Theater Hopper and I'm glad that I left. I mentioned a few months ago that he was dying.

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