December 1st, 2005

Nothing To Say

I’m still alive, in case you were wondering.

I just don’t have much to say these days. I realize that hasn’t stopped me in the past, but it seems to be stopping me now.

If there’s a subject you’d like me to ramble on about, leave a comment to that regard.

Other than that, well… hi, I guess.

5 Comments on “Nothing To Say”

  1. the obscure says:

    So I can stop pressing on your chest and blowing air down your nose and mouth? I am glad. It was getting old. For me at least.

  2. Peter C. Hayward says:

    I'd like to have you update about webcomics, personally.

  3. HorizonPurple says:

    21 reasons why tall people are better than everyone else in the world.


  4. bd says:

    Ouch, HP. Ouch.

  5. HorizonPurple says:

    Hey I'm nothing if not average height.

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