September 9th, 2005

The Gentleman Caller

The other morning, I opened the door to leave for work and a small black cat rushed into my apartment. He wandered about quickly, but looked very confused, as if to say, “Where did all this stuff come from? I was only gone a little while!”

He was not my cat. Two is plenty for me, thank you. He was (and is) the neighbor’s cat, one of two small black kitties they own. Our apartments/townhouses/whatever are all in a row, and the poor confused kitty must have thought my door was his home door.

I was able to gather him and eject him from the house before Nutmeg or Dala were fully aware of what was going on, but they still seemed flustered after the whole ordeal.

It almost happened again yesterday! He was bolting for the door, but I saw him in time and got it closed.

For years I’ve been edging out the door keeping an eye on the inside cats so they don’t make a break for it. I’ve never before had one come in from outside.

I’m just glad I got him out before he started rambling about “blue roses” and inspecting my glass animal collection.

4 Comments on “The Gentleman Caller”

  1. Brandyoldfashion says:

    I've been reading these from LJ and have not flipped here – WHERE DID YOU GET YOUR MR T BUTTON?!?!?!
    HA That is hilarious, then again, nothing that you do surprises me!

  2. MadMup says:

    I have NO idea where I got my Mr. T button! Someone sent it to me and I don't know who!

  3. Meags says:

    Nice allusion to Tennessee Williams there.

  4. the obscure says:

    Is the cat's name Tom or Laura, or did it appear to have fallen of a hot tin roof?

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