May 18th, 2005

No Pressure

Things Other People Accomplished When They Were Your Age just might be the most depressing website I’ve ever seen. Who can live up to this kind of thing?

At age 33:

-English feminist Mary Wollstonecraft wrote “Vindication of the Rights of Women”
-Amelia Earhart became the first woman to fly across the Atlantic alone.
-Vaudeville performer Walter Nilsson rode across the United States on an 8 1/2 foot unicycle.
-Successful merchant Cyrus West Field retired at age 33 to devote himself to laying the first transatlantic telegraph cable.
-John Knowles published A Separate Peace, which was immediately successful.
-Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote his essay, “Nature,” encouraging readers to see the miraculous in the common.

3 Comments on “No Pressure”

  1. Brian Arnold says:

    Seeing that makes me think of a sig that BK had for awhile, talking something about how by 33 Christ had died for our sins so we'd better get cracking to have some sort of accomplishment on a similar level or something.

    Yeah, I really botched that. Oh well.

  2. MadMup says:

    I remember that.

    This list also doesn't mention Alexander the Great, who had conquered the then-known world by age 33.

  3. Angie says:

    It probably has the age he was at WHEN he conquered it, since it was obviously before 33.

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