May 27th, 2005

Like Son, Like Father

My parents are headed to Texas this weekend – Dallas, specifically. It seems my dad won an eBay auction for a pickup truck. Sound familiar?

Here’s the even-stranger part: last weekend he was in Michigan retrieving a pickup truck that he also won on eBay.

My dad has extra vehicles like some people have mice.

Apparently, while they were here earlier this month, the hotel they stayed at had free high-speed Internet access. Before they left, my dad made final bids on two separate trucks hoping to win one of them. I’ve already given you the punchline – he found out when he got home 7 hours later that he had won both.

My brother said it best: “Turns out the free high-speed Internet wasn’t exactly free.”

5 Comments on “Like Son, Like Father”

  1. Angie says:

    Can't you cancel your bid, or something like that after you've already won, though?

  2. Brian Arnold says:

    If he needs to get rid of one, I'd happily take a vehicle off of his hands. I could use another car or small truck o something.

  3. hp says:

    Angie, you can't if you win unless it's by mutual agreement of the seller and buyer. That happens sometimes, but not often.

  4. Mike says:

    There was a guy on Shacknews that accidentally bid on a car with the "Buy it now" – I don't know how he managed to do that, but the seller was nice enough to let him off the hook so long as he paid for the listing / relisting fee.

    That said, I'm beginning to think the MadMup family is fond of coming to TX for cars, though your dad chose the wrong city!

  5. d4v34x says:

    You know what they say bout those Texas cars . . .

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