April 26th, 2005

Creek of Consciousness

I’ve been looking for some sort of “branding” to apply to posts that I do every so often, like these “bunch of random thought” posts and the “It’s Been Said” posts. I like “It’s Been Said,” but I’m not thoroughly happy with “Creek of Consciousness.” I’m hoping to hit on something soon.

Some time last week I discovered a great thing: dark chocolate M&Ms. I finished the bag off pretty quickly. Yesterday I found something that surpassed it: dark chocolate PEANUT M&Ms. I’ve already made a good dent in the bag and expect it to be gone by Thursday. It’s like I told my cow-orker: “Dark chocolate has antioxidants that scientists feel help fight cancer. Nuts are good for lowering the risk of cardiac arrest and other things. Anyone who ISN’T eating dark chocolate peanut M&Ms is doing themselves a disservice, healthwise.”

I got to drive a Pontiac Vibe finally. A friend of mine let me take her mom’s car out for a spin. I think it might have been a mistake. I’ve long had a car crush on Vibes, and driving one was the final straw. It will be my next car if I can help it. I’m weary of driving a minivan. Though I like the comfort, space, and hauling capacity, they’re just too big for me anymore. I’m done with them. The Vibe sits a little higher off the ground than a normal car and has some hauling space and I really enjoyed driving one. The only problem is that even used ones are expensive. I really don’t have room for more debt right now.

On Friday Matt bought me a glow-in-the-dark foam skull from a bookstore that was going out of business downtown. It spent the weekend on the dash of my van, but is now in my office at work. I’ve named him “Guildenstern.” On a related note, the office plant I have in my office has undergone a name change. He was “Robert,” even though I’m not a Led Zeppelin fan, but he is now “Rosenplantz.” Rosenplantz and Guildenstern are doing fine, despite what you might have heard to the contrary.

I was invited to an advance screening of Star Wars Episode III: The Revenge of the Sith on May 5, but it is during the day and I cannot get off work because we have special testing being done that week. I cannot tell you how bummed I am about that. I am really looking forward to this movie. The Phantom Menace had all sorts of problems, but Attack of the Clones was pretty good overall (barring the unfortunate “romantic” “dialogue” – George! Hire a writer! I’m begging you!), and I have high hopes for this one. I’ll have to see about going to a midnight showing of it.

If plans go as … planned, I should be seeing an advance screening of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy tonight, though! This one’s been a long time coming. I bought the BBC television show version on DVD a few months back and recently re-watched them. The story stayed true to the books, but the effects weren’t so special and were a bit distracting in parts. I’m looking forward to a big-screen version that has the money for what look to be great special effects. I guess we’ll see how they do with the story aspect of things… I’m already planning to like it, even though I don’t like how they’ve done Zaphod Beeblebrox’s two heads. I’m not sure I’ll be the most impartial critic, but I’ll let you know what I thought of it.

I wrote another guest strip for Theater Hopper that Joerules drew and inked. It will be dropping tomorrow, so be sure to check it out. You might recall the last one we did, but if you don’t, I also wrote a blog entry about it.

You might have noticed I haven’t done any reviews for DEN lately. It seems like any game I’ve requested to work on hasn’t come in, and any game that has come in that I’ve wanted has been snatched up by another reviewer. I asked my boss over there if there were other ways I ould be helping out, and it turns out that I may have bitten off more than I can chew. On Friday I received a package that included a Nokia NGage and more games than I can play in a month. Whereas I hadn’t played a game in a couple of months, I now have more than I know what to do with. Since the NGage is also a cell phone, I have decided to use it as my main phone for a while, even though it doesn’t have a camera built into it like my current phone. I figure this is the best way to get the hang of it, and it should also give me some opportunities to play some games for review when I have a few minutes here and there. Getting all of my contacts over to it was as simple as switching my SIM card over, but as difficult as having to sort through multiple entries with the same name if I had more than one number for that person. It’s a hassle, but it’s fine.

Some of you have noticed I’m not on MSN Messenger as much these days. I’m sorry, but it doesn’t mean I don’t like you. Feel free to email me to keep in touch.

I haven’t worked out with Maya in about two months now. I knew I wouldn’t keep up with it, even though it was doing me some good. Grack. I always do this. I’m no good at following things through.

Current movie count for the year: 85. Most recently watched: A Bug’s Life. Before that: Kung Fu Hustle.

My hot chocolate count has slowed dramatically. No one’s more upset about it then me. I might have to go get one at lunch today…

Next improv gig is May 11 for the local Junior Women’s Club annual meeting.

I got an early birthday present in the mail yesterday! My friend Angie who lives in Florida sent me the way-cool SEGA shirt you see in the current webcam! Yay, Angie! Thank you! She’s a sweet kid who I’ve seen grow up on the THorum over the last year, and I’m glad to have her as a friend. Some day I hope to meet her, even if it’s not until she comes to Purdue for college. :) She also sent me some coupons to use at the Adventure Landing where she works, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to get to Florida before they expire.

I’m sure there are plenty of other things I could ramble on about, but this seems like a sizeable entry already. I’ll try to keep in touch a little better. Come back tomorrow for a discussion on the guest comic. Thanks for stopping by!

UPDATE: I went to Barnes & Noble for a hot chocolate at lunch…and their machine is broken! And it has been for over a week! And I didn’t know! That just shows how long it’s been since I got one…

3 Comments on “Creek of Consciousness”

  1. bd says:

    I was jealous of your game reviewage, but I had no idea Monk would do something so evil as to send you an Ngage. He's a sick man.

  2. Angie says:

    You know, there's Adventure Landings all over the place. Texas, Florida, New York, Ohio…

    I'm glad you like the shirt, though! I told you all would be revealed in due time.

  3. hp says:

    I have an immense fondness for the BBC version of Hitch Hikers. It was the way I was introduced to the series as a wee small child and while Zaphod's extra head is creepy and badly done, Ford Arthur and the voice of the Guide are about perfect (at risk of seeming a little bit sad, I still have a crush on TV Ford, much as I have a crush on book Ford. Fictional characters are my thing, baby.)

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