March 21st, 2005

Training Week

All of the techs that work for our school corp are going to be in training this week. What this means:

  • We have to be in the same room all week with people we usually only see once a week
  • I get to sleep in a half hour later than usual
  • We’ll all be deaf by the end of the week because the room we’ll be in will have at least servers running at a time and server fans are loud
  • I get to wear jeans to work all week instead of just on Friday
  • When I get back to my school a week from tomorrow, there will so much work piled up that I will go stark raving mad and collapse into a drool-emitting pile
  • We just might learn a thing or two
  • We might get donuts once or twice this week for breakfast
  • Blog entries can’t be done on my lunch break this week ::shifty::
  • My office plant will be in better shape than it’s ever been because someone else is watching it while I’m gone for the week
  • I need to figure out some way to not doze off in “class,” as everyone is expecting me to do so, and it would be very bad if it happened (Everyone’s expecting it because it happened last year during a planning meeting. In my defense, everyone was taking a few minutes to work on a group project, and I wasn’t assigned to any group, so I was just sitting there doing nothing. Except dozing. I got reprimanded later.)

So it should be interesting. I am curious what sorts of things we’ll be learning, but I’m not really looking forward to a whole week of training. It’d be awesome if were going to learn ninja fighting techniques, but I’m guessing it’s going to be more server- and network-related.

8 Comments on “Training Week”

  1. Angie says:

    What bizzaro world are you living in? In my world, ninja fight moves are synonomous with servers and networks and… uhm… technical stuff.

    Computer problem? Gaijin Smash!

  2. HP says:

    I'm sort of IT support (I say sort of because when people say things like "That computer isn't working!" I tend to say "Isn't that annoying?" and wander off) and the most training we ever got was an 8 day course where we learned to open windows, minimise windows and – drumroll – close windows. There was other stuff as well, but the minimising and closing took 2 days. The best training we ever got was in Dreamweaver which none of us ever have to use for work.

    I say dress like a ninja on the first day and see where you end up.

  3. Andie says:

    I think you should wear your tee on one of the days to… *ahem* once again shamelessly promote.

    But Muppy at training means no Muppy on MSN. This makes for a sad Andie.

  4. Meags says:

    A sad Meags too.

  5. Angie says:

    And a sad Angie, three.

    It figures, too, when I'm on Spring Break (where I'm home all day).

  6. HP says:

    Three sad women all in a row. You're mean, Mup.

    I am not sad because a) I am asleep during your day anyway and therefore your lack of MSN has no effect and b) I just this minute noticed you linked me. Glee!

  7. John Clark says:

    Jeans and doughnuts! What a perfect week!

  8. MadMup says:

    I…I didn't mean to sadden anyone.

    The jeans have been nice, but all of the food I've been eating this week has made me feel fat and disgusting.

    But still: jeans!

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