March 16th, 2005

Big Day

Barring any unforeseen circumstances, today’s the day the Hot Chocolate Counter gets zeroed out.

It’s been 155 days since I bought my Barnes & Noble discount card, so that means I’ve bought a hot chocolate every 1.9 days, on average. If I keep this pace up (and it’s likely), I’ll buy 110.5 more hot chocolates before my year of discounts is up, for a total of 191. The discount card saves me 31 cents each time I buy a hot chocolate, so the total amount saved would be $59.21, enough for two discount cards and a little left over.

Of course, at this point I would be remiss in my duties if I did not point out how much I’m spending on hot chocolates in a year at the current rate.

Oh, man.

I just did the math, and I ought to be ashamed of myself.


That’s … that’s ridiculous. $2.71 every other day or so doesn’t seem that bad, but $517.61 is crazy big.

Of course, it is impossible to put a price tag on the joy I receive from drinking the wonderful hot chocolate, but I’m guessing it would still be less than $517.61.

At this point, my low-level OCD-ness kicks in and I want to start adding up all the stuff I do: movies, eating out, and … and … well, that’s about it. I think I’d be too depressed.

Ah, well. It has provided small amounts of amusement for you, yes? If so, it is money well-spent.

4 Comments on “Big Day”

  1. Meags says:

    I was expecting a bigger speech. You've let me down.

  2. ton amis says:

    Enjoy your last "official" hot chocolate sans moi!

  3. John Clark says:

    Don't feel bad, Mup. I used to do that at work all the time with the soda machine. If it's something special you do for yourself, do it.

  4. HP says:

    Mup, smoking costs me $60 a week. If I add that up for a year I'll slit my wrists. Live it up! Also, congratulations on hitting 0. Yay!

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