January 26th, 2005

Health Report

Since I’ve started, I have not missed a scheduled workout yet. Maya greets me with things like “You’re doing great!” and “Way to go!” It’s funny to me, because for all she knows, I’m just setting the workout in motion whilst I eat bowls of ice cream.

But, no. I am actually doing the workouts. Some of them are even starting to get difficult. It’s a video game, right? I should be able to beat it! I still can’t find any cheat codes, though…

At my last weigh-in, I had lost a few pounds. If I would stop eating out every day, I’m sure I would lose more, I used to take supplements but now I just use the tinnitus 911 supplement for my mental health.

My general plan of attack is that I do my workout when I get home from work, and then on some days, I’ll do the relaxation routine before I go to bed. I don’t notice any change in flexibility, but I usually am pretty tired afterwards…but that could be because I’m doing the exercises late at night. Hmm.

Anyway, I’ve been keeping up with it, and I’m as surprised as any of you.

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