December 22nd, 2004

The Juice Is Loose!

There will be nothing about white Ford Broncos in this post, aside from this first sentence.

It’s my last day at my elementary school today, and it’s also the last day the teachers have to be here. As is their wont, they brought in some breakfast-y type things. I went down to the teacher’s lounge and got some egg and sausage casserole-type thing, a muffin, and a styrofoam cup of orange juice. It was a little too much to hang on to and open the door at the same time, so I set the juice down on an end table, opened the door, and then grabbed the OJ…sorta. What actually happened is that I knocked the OJ over and it spilled all across the end table, onto the wall, and into the carpet. Bah. I learned rather quickly that paper towels aren’t as absorbent as you might like them to be. Napkins, however, do quite nicely, but only in large handfuls.

So I refilled the cup, emptying the OJ container in the process, and headed back to my office. I set the OJ down, ate some casserole, and reached for the OJ… and knocked it over again. There wasn’t as much this time, so it wasn’t as messy, but it was still a pain to clean up.

I wasn’t meant to have orange juice for breakfast today, I guess.

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