December 15th, 2004

Bits & Pieces

I watched Casablanca the other day, and it was really good. I know that seems silly to call a film hailed as one of the best ever as “really good,” but I tend to not like older movies for some reason. Give it a try if you haven’t.

Electronic Arts (or, EA) has finagled some sort of deal with the NFL to become the purveyors of the only licensed NFL games for the next five years. This is sad and ridiculous news. I’ve been playing the NFL 2K series since, well, since “2K” became a thing we could say. They’ve really been a great series, and this move by the NFL will effectively kill those games and any other rival football games. Remember that whole “competition” thing? Sayanora. Man. To me, though, it speaks volumes about how afraid EA was of the 2K series. This deal didn’t come cheap to EA, so you know they must have been shaking.

Since October I’ve had almost 40 hot chocolates. Have you noticed? Yeesh.

Christmas is coming soon and I’m in the same quandary I always am: what should I get for so-and-so? I’m an awful gift giver. I’d much rather someone tell me what they want and I’ll just get them that something.

I’m back to my old habits of not being able to sleep so well. I like sleep, but I feel like it’s kind of a waste of time, I guess. I mean, that’s 4-7 hours I could be doing something else, you know?

Along with that, I’ll be changing jobs in January – sorta. I’ll still be in the same school corporation, but I’ll only be at one school instead of three. The hours are 7 a.m. to 4 p.m., which is nice, but I really, really, need to get my sleep schedule adjusted by then, as being late there will not be an option.

I have a little Christmas tree up – it’s about a foot and a half tall. Nutmeg chewed on it for a while, but she’s given that up and I’m glad.

It’s getting to be about time for me to get a new cell phone. I’ve never really liked this one, and now it’s slowly dying. I’d like to get a camera-phone, but they’re pricey. We’ll see what happens, I guess.

I’m not such a fan of the “reality” shows. I watched the first two seasons of Survivor, and an episode here and there of various other ones, but I usually can’t get excited about the hosers on these shows. At the same time, I always wonder if I’d be any good at any of them. My guess: probably not. I like to get along with people, and the conniving would be difficult for me. That and eating bugs or being in a tank full of scorpions or having to live with weirdos for any length of time. If they had a show about not being able to leave your house and having to take care of two cats, I’d probably be pretty good at that.

I haven’t played The Sims 2 as much as I thought I would. I had a house full of people that I left to themselves and they had all died when I came back to check on how they were doing, and I think that put me off it. It’s really quite good, but the memory of the little ghosts floating around the house turning on bathtubs and opening doors makes me kind of sad. None of the little dead people were based on me, but it still a little more disturbing than videogames are supposed to be.

Once December 23 rolls around I’m off work until January 4. That is terribly exciting for me. I have grand plans to write a novel, build a chicken coop, learn Portugese, and solve the cold fusion problem, but I bet I’m more likely to watch movies and play videogames. Around here we spell “loser” this way: M-A-D-M-U-P.

Okay, that’s enough rambling for a while. I guess I should try to get some sleep, even if it is a huge waste of time.

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