October 7th, 2004

Bits and Pieces

Things are looking better over at the THorum. Tom runs a tight ship and made a few changes. Looks like things’ll get better.

Starbucks raised their prices. I went in for a hot chocolate last night and it was 16 cents more expensive. Jerks! The Barnes & Noble discount card works with their in-store Starbucks, so this might be what gets me to get one of the cards.

I turned the heat on in the apartment for the first time this morning. I’ve been waking up to 61-degree chillyness and decided that was just about enough of that.

The unused-for-the-most-part cat tree has been moved to a more out-of-the-way corner. I can’t bring myself to dismantle it, though I might as well. The cats never go higher than the first level on it.

That’s all I got for now. I’m trying to get back into a regular posting schedule. We’ll see how that goes. You might get a lot of these sorts of posts along the way.

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