October 13th, 2004

A Fun Exercise

I finally broke down and bought a Barnes & Noble discount card. Generally I am against these sorts of things because it assumes you need to buy a bunch of stuff to make it worthwhile, but I was driven to this decision by Starbucks’ recent decision to raise their prices across the board.

I should mention at this point that the Target Starbucks hasn’t gotten the price increase yet, but it isn’t convenient to get a hot chocolate from Target and then drive to Best Buy and wander around.

So I decided to get the discount card from B&N. It was $25, which is a ridiculous amount, I think. While I will occasionally purchase books from B&N, I got the card specifically to get discounts on hot chocolates there.

So how many hot chocolates will I have to buy to make this card worth its cost, you ask? That is a good question. With the price increase, a hot chocolate cost me $3.02 (also a ridiculous amount). Using the discount card, the hot chocolate cost me $2.71 (still ridiculous, but not as much), so I saved 31 cents. Thirty one cents goes into $25 80.645161290322580645161290322581 times, so I need to buy 81 hot chocolates to make the purchase of the discount card profitable.

So I thought it might be fun to keep a counter on the ol’ website to see how I’m doing on that. I won’t count book purchases, only hot chocolates. If I do this right, it should show up right under the picture to the right there. Since I’ve already bought one, I only have 80 left to go. I’m not sure what my weekly average is, but this might take a while.

This won’t be roller-coaster-level fun, but it should beat watching paint dry by a light margin.

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  1. Brian Arnold says:

    We're almost at a year! Woohoo!

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