September 15th, 2004

Texas Trip Pics

Say that three times fast.

I had bigger plans for tonight’s entry, but it just didn’t pan out. Instead, you get pics from my trip. Try to make do.

First – not really from my trip, but it’s an adorable picture of Nutmeg asleep on my computer desk, complete with network cable.

Second – nothing inspires confidence in your travellers like giant pictures of animals on your plane’s tail fin.

Third – I think this is over Texas, but it could be Colorado. Either way, it’s a giant patchwork quilt, and an excellent picture of America itself (please play your own patriotic music in the background while reading that last part)

Fourth – I’ve always liked pictures of airplane wings over a blanket of clouds. Please note the lack of gremlins on the plane wing. I was a bit disappointed.

Fifth – For some reason, there’s a giant statue of a cow in a spacesuit in the Houston airport, and here’s proof. I am also in the picture. I am the one in front.

Sixth – This is Mike. He is on the phone with his dad, trying to get directions to someplace we can eat some authentic Texas BBQ.

Seventh – Here is where we ended up: Pappas BBQ. Good stuff. I wish I had some more of their pecan pie.

Eighth – The back of the new van, Mike, and I. We tried to look as uncomfortable in each other’s presence as possible. I think we did pretty good.

Ninth – A shot of the Houston skyline against the sunset. I think this picture turned out rather well considering I took it while driving at 75 m.p.h (the legal speed limit).

Tenth – one of those shots you always wished you had, but when you finally get you realize how goofy it is: the speedometer turning over 100,000 miles. Also taken while driving at 75, somewhere in Mississippi.

You might think I’m holding out on you, but that’s all the pictures I took. If you beg, I could maybe find a pic or two more of my cats somewhere.

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