July 19th, 2004

A Little Fun

First of all, for those visiting from Theater Hopper because of Tom’s blog, welcome.  I think he may have overstated the “excellent website” business, but I appreciate him linking me.  Here are a few entries you might enjoy reading:



And as an explanation for the rest of you, Tom (the feller who draws TH) went on an extended weekend trip and asked anyone who was interested to submit a guest comic to him.  Well, I can’t draw, but I collaborated with another fellow (Joerules) who can draw like nobody’s business.  He’s a regular in the THorum, too, in case you were wondering how we met up.  Here’s a link to the comic we put together.


If you’re not a regular reader of TH, it might not be so funny to you, so let me explain some of the in-jokes to you:


  1. In the first panel, you can just barely see the Horsefight: 2049 poster.
  2. In panels 2 and 3, the regular characters (Tom (blond hair), Jared (brown hair), and Cami (Tom’s wife)) are wearing movie character costumes, something they do a lot in the strip.
  3. In panel 2, Tom is representing the movie A Cinderella Story.  Jared is representing a robot from the movie I, Robot.  In the background you can see a White Castle which is a nod to the upcoming (and presumably awful) movie Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle.
  4. In panel 3, Cami is representing the new Catwoman movie, but she’s wearing the Catwoman outfit that Michelle Pfeiffer wore in Batman Returns.  That was at my request, since this new movie looks ridiculous and doesn’t stick to the Catwoman story and everyone knows that Michelle Pfeiffer is the only real Catwoman (Julie Newmar fans are excused from thinking this).
  5. Also in panel 3 is another homage to a regular happening in TH: Jared is getting injured.

So there you go.  Hopefully that clears up any questions you might have about it.


As it happens, I’m going to Indy tonight to meet two THorumites for supper, and one of them is Joerules – he has a brand-new niece that he’s in town to see, so he’s going to meet the two Indiana-based THorumites (the other one lives in Richmond) while he’s here.


Thanks for coming by!

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