June 20th, 2004


The mighty Brewers vanquished the evil Twins in a come-from-behind victory, 7-6.

While I don’t believe the Brewers to be “mighty” nor the Twins “evil,” the game was quite enjoyable. The new stadium the Brewers play in has a retractable roof, and long about the fifth inning, they closed it, and that was neat to see. I have pictures, and I’ll try to get them up sometime this week. Keep in mind, though, that I took pictures of the Weird Al concert on April 1 and they’re still not up. My intentions are good, but don’t hold your breath.

Earlier in the day, I attended the wedding of a girl I grew up with. Here’s the interesting fact about the wedding: she married the oldest son of the lady who taught me in Kindergarten. And, in fact, the bride had also had her now-mother-in-law as a teacher in Kindergarten. Rumor has it that this last Christmas, while they were gathering and decorating the tree, the future mother-in-law pulled the future bride over to the tree and pointed out an ornament – one the future bride had made for her Kindergarten teacher, 20+ years ago. Is that not one of the neatest things you’ve ever heard?

I saw a lot of people at the wedding that I hadn’t seen in a long time – ranging from a few months to 10+ years. There’s a weird set of feelings to deal with… whew.

Tomorrow I meet up with an old friend for breakfast, then have Father’s Day dinner with my family before heading back to Indiana, where I’m sure my cats have given me up for dead.

Make sure you call or see your dad and let him know you love him – even if things are strained between you and him right now for whatever reason, make sure you let him know tomorrow that you love him. I don’t ask you for much, but I’m asking this.

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