June 13th, 2004

New Thing

Number 276 on the list of things I’ve done: Karaoke DJ.

A while back I was invited by one of the Improv fellows to help him do some of the entertainment for a meeting of the Civic Theater-related people. They had hired a karaoke machine and we’re planning to have people sing, and the first thought was to do an American Idol kind of thing with it – making comments on people’s singing and stuff. We settled, though, on just doing plain old karaoke, and I volunteered to be the “machine running guy” since I knew that would keep me from being up in front of the people and possibly singing. Plus, my talents of organization (rarely used, but still there) came in handy, as the first thing I did was put the 20 available CDs in numerical order.

It was fun, and as always, there’s one or two people who are really quite good, some people who are passable, and then some who are just plain awful.

The one bad aspect was that when people would dance around in some manner that involved thumping their feet on the floor within a 20-foot radius of the machine, the machine would skip, or sometimes lose power. Other than that, though, it was a rousing success.

Brandy – I know you’re terribly proud of me.

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